Started in 2009 by Marta, an illustrator found of fashion.
We aim to communicate the contemporary femininity through an incessant game among eros and irony. 
We are indeed a community of girls knowing that real beauty lies in a bright smile!

All started just for fun

“I used to draw portaits of friends or cool girls that I met, then friends of friends started requesting me for more and soon I realized that The Gamines could have been something bigger…One year ago, we decide to transform this whole idea in an mobile App and we are sure that the best is yet to come.” Marta

Our shop

We do have an online shop with few and selected products available. We are proud of our collaboration with brands such as 404-Knitwear or Stile12, and it’s awesome that more girls are looking to order from us.

Vogue Bride

In 2013 we have been on the pages of Vogue Sposa. Beautiful dresses, heels and tenderness everywhere! Can’t forget those old good days!

Gamines what?

Gamines is a French term meaning cheerful and playful city-girls, always happy and distinguished by their elegance and unmistakable personality. A Gamine has long legs, is seductive but a kind ego, she always smiles. The world of The Gamines® doesn’t reflect any real nor made up star system, just the real world. 

posi vibes

Team and contributors


Marta is the founder, C.E.O. and illustrator at The Gamines. Originally from northernItaly, she’s been living in Barcelona for three years, but she’s constantly travelling. Marta loves pink shoes, her own yellow dog and, of course, smiley faces.


Lisa handles all social advertising, and works on the Barcelona business development. She moved to Barcelona 2 years ago from France. She loves travelling and learning languages. Lisa also has a passion for dogs and giraffes and loves the philadelphia sushi rolls!


Sara manages all fashion and accessories research. She moved to Bruxelles 2 years ago from Milano. Sara loves music and combining belly dance with modern dance. She could totally be a DJ too. Sara also has a passion for hamster.